Bringing Ideas to Life

Awards Summary

Over the years, Irene Kraus of Design Works Internet has won numerous awards. Here are a few of note:


Techsmith’s Monthly Camtasia contest winner featuring a demonstration of how to setup AOL’s software for 10-digit dialing, which was a growing challenge at the time.

APCUG Contest Winner 20022002

APCUG (Association of PC Users Group), in world competition amongst other user groups’ websites, Ms. Kraus took Third place. A panel of judges evaluated each entrant’s site in how stated goals for a user group site were achieved. CEBUG’s site achieved those goals in an outstanding manner, which is why it stood out from other contenders.


Lotus Screen CAM multimedia contest for user groups, Winner - Best Overall Teaching Video Production. This project involved a tutorial for setting up the off-line mail reader program CMPQWK for use in connection with Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), the primary means of sharing text and content at the time. The prize was a week’s paid stay in Las Vegas, Nevada for COMDEX coinciding with a gathering of user group representatives from all over the world affiliated with APCUG.

Lotus - Info World Contest winner 19941994

Winner, Best Overall Technical Writing & Best Columnist in the small publications category at the Intergalactic User Group Newsletter Contest in New York, NY in a competition amongst other newsletter editors for user groups.